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Speed Post Tracking India using Consignment Number in indiapost.gov.in


Speed Post Tracking in India for Registered Post:

In our daily, we are using the postal service to send an articles or couriers to our friends or relations and it may be an official letters or postcards or registered parcel. Whatever, our main aim the post should be delivered to the correct person at an appropriate time. An Indian government postal providing an excellent speed post service at an affordable price.

Indian Speed Post service has to provide the facility of an Online speed post tracking and trace system to the customers, to check the speed post status of delivery and location of the post. It gives a reliability, speed and customer friendly service.

EMS speed post tracking India

Do you want to make track speed post? If yes this post is for you. From this post you can learn how to make India post tracking or registered post tracking ( Track Consignment ) by using the thirteen-digit barcode of speed post tracking number (Consignment Number) through Indian speed post tracker system. It is a web based technology helps the customers on speed post courier tracking from the booking to delivery.

EMS Speed Post in India:

EMS Speed post is a market leader in the domestic express industry in India. It is proving a service to the customers between the two stations with the maximum weighing of 35 KG. Speed post charges for delivery service up to 50 Grams at the cost of 35 rupees across the country and local Speed Post up to 50 Grams at the cost 15 rupees plus service Tax applicable.

Let's start to learn Indian post tracking.

How to track Consignments using Speed Post Tracking System:

1). First, you should go to the Online consignments tracking page of Indian postal official website. (or)

You can also reach the official page by https://www.indiapost.gov.in --> Move cursor on 'Mail Services' menu --> In hover you can see the 'Track Your Consignments' link --> Click the link.

speed post tracking using Consignment number

2). The control moves to another page, where you should do the followings.

       A). Enter your 13 digit Consignment Number. The consignments number was given to you at the time of post booking to delivery on Indian speed post.

        B). Enter the 'Captcha' characters correctly as displayed in the image. 

         C). Click the 'Search' button for registered post tracking.

3). Once you have done the above step, the system will check the speed post status whether it has updated or not. If it has been updated you can track speed post status of the delivery and location.

speed post tracking status

Speed Post Tracking Number Format:

If you have any doubts in speed post tracking number, check the formats of the number from the below list.

Category                  Format         No. of                                                            digits

Speed Post                EE23345       13

(EMS) Domestic        6789IN

International EMS   EE22325       13

 Artilces to be             6789XX

delivered in India                     

Electronic Money     000000000    18    

   Order (eMO)           000000000

Registered Mail         RX12345        13


Express Parcel           XX000000      13

         Post                        000XX


  • Insurance upto Rs. 1 lakh for Valuable consignments (Charges applicable)
  • 24 hours Booking facility in some major cities.
  • Online Speed Post Tracking and Trace System
  • Post status updates through free mobile SMS
  • Free Pick-up Facility for the bulk customers.
  • Credit facilities are provided under Book Now Pay Later Scheme for corporate customers and regular users, under specific terms and conditions. 
  • For E-Commerce companies they provide Cash-on-Delivery (COD) facility.
  • In case of any problems related to speed post you can contact Customer Service executive to assist you.

I hope this post surely more helpful for your postal tracking in India. If you have any more queries regarding this post, you can share it with us through the below given commenting system we will solve it.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

UIDAI's Aadhar Card Status on Mobile through SMS | आधार कार्ड स्थिति


How to Track Aadhar Card status on mobile via SMS?

If you dont have an computer or laptop or you don't have an internet connection or you can not able to access online, you can track or check your Aadhar card status details through mobile phone. UIDAI allows you to check your aadhar card status with the help of mobile phone. For this option, you dont want access an internet.

If you want access this facility to check aadhaar card status, you just want send a text message or SMS to UIDAI's number in particuar format. UIDAI will not charge any cost for this facility, but the mobile network operator may charge for their standard SMS charge. The charges may vary depends on the mobile network operator. 

Know your UIDAI Status of Aadhar Card using Mobile

You need to go to your messaging option in your mobile phone and then type


Send it to 51969

Please make sure “UID STATUS” in capital letters only.

For example, Take an Enrolment number like 2017/14521/53231, then the format of sending message will be:

UID STATUS <20171452153231>

Send it to 51969

If you have any queries and suggestions related to this aadhar card status check on mobile via sms, feel free to share with us. We will solve your queries with better solutions. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

E Aadhar Card Status Online | Check UIDAI Status @ www.uidai.gov.in

Check UIDAI 's E-Aadhar Card Status Online:

An individuals Aadhar Card Status can be determined easily in online from UIDAI's official portal. Also you can get the status through mobile via an SMS or text message. Both are very simple method, you don't want worry for this process. The ebillpayment.net will guide you to get your e-aadhar card status quickly with very simple steps.

An Aadhar is a 12 digit Unique Identification Number (UIN) issued by Government of India. All residents of India, including children, trans-genders and physically challenged people.

Check Aadhar Card Status Online

Steps to Check Aadhar Card Status Online (E-Aadhar Card):

The following steps will give you the guide to check aadhar card status online,

1. First you should open the UIDAI official website https://uidai.gov.in/ .

2. In the screen you can find the "Aadhaar Online Services" section, where you can find the "Check Aadhaar Status" link. (or)

Press Ctrl+F & find "Check Aadhaar Status" link.

3. Once you find, click  the link to check aadhar status from UIDAI. The page's control will redirected to another page as the image given below.

4. In that page, You should Enter the following details to get the aadhar status.

Aadhar Card Status Online

Enrolment ID: Enter your 14 digit Enrolment ID (EID) in the format of (1234/12345/12345). If you lost or forgot your EID/UID, Learn how to Retrieve your Lost EID/UID

Date & Time: Enter exact Date & Time mentioned in slip which was given at the time of Aadhaar Registration. Enter in the format of (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss).

Security Code: Enter the correct Security code displayed on the screen.

5. Click 'Check Status' button. Now you can view your Aadhar card status.

Get E Aadhar Card Status

6. If it is generated, you can make the Aadhar card download (e aadhar) & take a print or you can get the aadhar card number on mobile. 

7. If your Aadhar is not yet generated, you must wait for few more days and check your aadhaar card status once again.

Major Benefits of Aadhar Card:

  • Aadhar is vaild all over India as a Proof of Address. 
  • Aadhar can help you open a bank account, get a mobile connection and avail LPG.
  • In future, you would be able to access  other Government and Non-Government services.

I hope this post was helped you to check your latest Aadhar Card staus in a minute. If you have any queries or comments you can share it with me at commenting section in below the post.

TNEB Bill Calculator | TANGEDCO Tariff & Reading Details

TNEB Bill Calculator | TANGEDCO Tariff & Reading Details


TNEB Bill Calculator | TANGEDCO Tariff & Reading Details

Do you want to check TNEB Bill details for domestic? Do want to calculate you TNEB bill? If yes, this post is for you. From this post, you can calculate tamil nadu electricity bill amount by yourself with the help of tneb bill calculator as per new TNEB Tariff 2016 scheme. 

TNEB Bill Calculator

Requirements for TNEB Tariff Calculator: 

         1. Previous TNEB Meter reading

         2. Latest TNEB Meter reading

TNEB Consumed Units(KWH) = Latest TNEB Meter reading - Previous TNEB Meter reading 

Now enter the Tneb Consumed Units on the calculator and click Calculate button.
TNEB Tariff Calculator - 2016
(Revised on May 23, 2016)
For Domestic Usage Only
Units Consumed:

Units Tariff Charges From To Cost
Fixed Subsidy
≤ 100 ₹ 0 ₹ 150 1 100 ₹ 1.50
≤ 200 ₹ 20 ₹ 150 1 200 ₹ 1.50
≤ 500 ₹ 30 ₹ 150 1 100 ₹ 1.50
101 200 ₹ 2.00
201 500 ₹ 3.00
> 500 ₹ 50 ₹ 150 1 100 ₹ 1.50
101 200 ₹ 3.50
201 500 ₹ 4.60
> 500 ₹ 6.60