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10 Proven Ways to Reduce Business Costs


Unnecessary costs can kill any business, but especially those just starting out. It’s important for your business’ health that you reduce all unnecessary costs. You wouldn’t waste you own money, so why would you waste your businesses?

Reducing costs is probably not what you think. People will think of firing employees or being cheap, but when analyzing where most of your money goes, you may be surprised by what’s eating your budget.

Reducing costs will save money, and in the long-term it can help grow the business in a smart, healthy way.

Here are nine proven ways that you can reduce business costs:

Track Every Penny

Before you create a strategy of to reduce costs, the first thing you need to know is where your money is going.

The most efficient way to find out is track all of your spending, every penny. This should be comprehensive, and include not only how much workers’ wages and benefits costs, but even simple things like office supplies and coffee.

It may sound like crazy, but maybe you’re spending unnecessary money on paper or general office supplies. This stuff can add up quickly. When you track everything, it’s easier to identify money-wasters and then fix the problem.

Go Paperless

The necessity of paper in the business world is fading out.

Going paperless will not only save you money on supplies, but it will also keep you connected with the modern world, and streamline a lot of your processes. When you replace paper-heavy processes like invoicing with an electronic solution, it can seriously cut down on your paper usage and even save you time.

The benefits of going paperless are not only financial but also environmental. You can also use this strategy on your marketing since customers are more concerned about doing business with a business that cares about the environment.

Tech Up

Another great way to reduce business costs is to better use technology. This doesn’t apply to going paperless only. You can better use technology by analyzing all your expenses and looking for a better way to do things that shore up process efficiency.

For example, you can ditch your landline and use Skype or another service that will offer you a phone number for fraction of the cost. You can also outsource work online so you don’t need to hire more people for simple work.

Ultimately, the real efficiency comes in with automation software. New software for businesses can help you track workflow, payments, project scheduling, meetings and more, all in the same place. Automation software really makes businesses run more efficiently. 

Online Marketing

Online Marketing costs a fraction of what you’d pay in a local network or physical advertising space in a prominent part of your area. When compared to a national network advertisement, it’s pennies on the dollar, and can be more effective.

There are many different ways you can market your business online and whatever way you choose it’ll save you money.

Besides the range of an online marketing campaign is big. You can target a specific demographic and keep track of how many people your ads are reaching and converting, all for a small sum of money.

If you don’t know how to do this by yourself, you can also hire specialized companies to run the ads for you. The point is, online marketing will bring you new customers and reduce costs.

Use Freelancers

You should know what employees are crucial for your business and which ones are not so as essential. This means that sometimes you have people that don’t justify the costs of you having with them on the payroll.

This is not about their job performance, but their job position. For example, you don’t need an in-house marketing team unless you’re a big company. You can reduce costs by hiring a freelancer to do all the work for you.

Within a few years, almost half of the US population will be freelancers, so you should take advantage of that and outsource as much work as you can. You also have the advantage of not being on the hook for healthcare, and other things that come up when you have full-time employees.

Of course you want to hire a few full-timers, but you shouldn’t be making unnecessary hires.


Barter involves exchanging a service or good for another. If you have something to offer for your local painter or plumber, for instance, you should offer a partnership in exchange for their services.

For example, if your business is popular on social media, you could recommend their services to your followers in exchange for a discount, or even for a free service.

This can reduce the costs of when you need to do a renovation or fix something. All you have to do is think of something you can exchange that would be of value to the other person so you both can make a sort of partnership together.

Keep Your Data Protected

The most valuable assets companies have now exist on the cloud. You need to make sure that your IT department is on top of keeping all company information secure.

Failing this, you need to have security software in place in case you need to backup or recover lost data in case of emergency. For newer companies, especially, data is more valuable than any physical property.

Plan a Budget

One of the best ways to reduce costs, especially after you’ve tracked every penny, is to plan a budget. But this process can be a guessing game if your business runs inefficiently—you have to know every part of the process, and budget with realistic numbers.

So, make a plan and stick with it no matter what. If you don’t stick to your budget, at the first appearance an unexpected expense, you might be using your personal credit card. And that’s a business no-no.

The only way to avoid all this and reduce costs is to budget everything and make sure you stick with it. 

Buy Used And Always Ask for Discounts

To reduce costs immediately all you have to do is to buy refurbished computers and used furniture. It doesn’t have to be bottom of the barrel stuff, but it doesn’t have to be the best either.

A lot of companies get one big client and start spending like crazy. It should be a slow build.

You should also never be shy about trying to pay a little less, and asking for discounts. At the end of the month, your 5 percent discount can save you a lot, depending on what it’s for.

Team Up

It’s getting more common by the day for small businesses to team up. You can, for instance, team up with other local business to share a big office or rent a shared warehouse. Coworking spaces are becoming popular option for startups in a lot of bigger cities.

This way you share expenses and cut costs in the process.

The Bottom Line

Be smart about how you spend money, especially if your business is just starting out. Established companies have a a little more flexibility, but that doesn’t mean they should be shelling out money for frivolous reasons.

Take ownership of your business, and use these tips to reduce your costs and become more efficient.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

How to Use Payoneer for Receiving Payment in India

Information technology has been progressing beyond our imagination. The Internet brings everything at your doorstep, starting for selection to shopping to payments; it's just a click away. In the same manner, online payments are easy. You can buy items online and make payment through the card or other methods suitable. Furthermore, freelancing or home based jobs are easier since you can be paid easily at home.

In case of emergency or normal days, people can transfer funds from mobile in maximum five minutes. Nowadays, many companies are using this idea as a business, sending money all over the world and in return charging a certain percent as their share. Pa yonder, western union, and PayPal are few well-known names in this field. In the following article, we will try to answer the entire possible question about Payoneer application

Payoneer Payment Transfer

Primarily, a payoneer is a company providing financial services to its customers. That is the transfer of money anywhere in the world from payee's account to the receiver's account at the company or the debit card. Payoneer’s preference is money transfer around the globe.

Established in 2005, the company is from New York USA. The company was the joint collaboration by CEO, Yuval Tal and other investors with 2 million dollars and now it is expanding across the borders later in 2016 they collaborated with an e-commerce site linio in America. In the same year, payoneer got 180 million dollars through the venture with other companies. In 2016 Payoneer set up a branch in Philippine and Japan, furthermore entering into the Indian market. Now the company is operating in 200 plus countries of the world. The financial service provider company is among top 100 organizations of the world.

In recent times Payoneer is working with online websites are remarkable freelancer websites like Fiverr, freelancer, up work, while further websites such as Shutterstock, Dailymotion, and peopleperhour. From 2010 till now the company won many awards like the 2010 Paybefore Award for the Best Business Funded Program, ranked Number 34 Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte's fast 500 and added.

Now the question arises how do Payoneer works? The simple reply is Payoneer permits users to transfer money all over the world including India. The payment is made and receiver will comprehend in the debit MasterCard assigned to them by the company. Moreover, the payoneer users can practice that debit card at any ATM. Users can develop an account on the website, so can check their balance online.

payoneer prepaid mastercard

Consumers can withdraw cash from Payoneer to Payoneer and from Payoneer to any other company too. In order to transfer money, basic steps that require following are:

  • Visit Payoneer website and enter login Id through laptop or smart phone.
  • Click on pay followed by making payment
  • Fill the payment form on the screen

And finally, fulfill the instructions requested for. Another service Payoneer offers is payoneer to bank account transfer, charging a portion fees i. Return. The minimum amount limit is $200 to $10,000 maximum. Just follow the simple steps requested and you receive the payment in 24 hours.

In the same manner users can acquire their payment through Payoneer. All they ought to do is log into the account, within free days company will send you the debit card. Afterwards, you will acquire confirmation once money is in your account in form of USD or EURO. Users can easily use their card as ATM to withdraw money. In return, company deducts few percentage as commission for their services, like Card maintainable fee, balance inquiry fees, cash withdrawal fees, card decline fees etc.

Finally, once you receive your card, obey the simple instructions requested with your PC. For that it’s helpful to have a quality processor and keyboard to speed up the work.

  • Go to the website.
  • Select the right kind of card you own
  • Select to active card here
  • Follow the simple steps and your card is active to use anywhere you desire.

Lastly, on a concluding note, Payoneer is safe to use website, you can send money anywhere you wish and your amount is safe with them. The lost list of achievements and awards are the guarantee of its most trusted website all over the globe.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

SEO Guide - The Terms You Need to Know As a Starter


SEO Guide - The Terms You Need to Know As a Starter

SEO is a very big and sensitive term. But for the beginner it is better to know first what is seo and what are the terms of seo. So many people come to me and asking for the help for their seo. Then I see most of them don’t follow the proper strategy or every step. It seems they do hurry a lot. But as I said before SEO is a very big term and sensitive term you, you need to spend quite a good time to it and of course follow every steps carefully. 

In this writing, you will find the basics and all of the important steps of SEO. So this Beginner’s Guide to SEOis only for the newbies and who just want to know what SEO actually is?

What is SEO:

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. You have to optimize your site with various pre requisite and make your site searchable. The prime objective of SEO is to bring your site on the first page of google search result. This is a long time process, if you need instant traffic to your site you can advertise on google. The SEO firms make a variety of different steps and strategy to make the site appear higher in the search result. The higher in the search result the more view and click on your site. And thus you can receive lots of visitors and buyers which brings you money. 

How SEO Works: 

Suppose, you want to find something on google. What will you do? Search for the items or info by writing some words in the google search bar, right? These combination of words you are searching are called keywords. Lets’ give an example. You want to buy a deep fryer on online. What will you do? You write in the search bar “best deep fryer” or if you have any specific brand or category choice, you will search for the brand or category. So related sites with these keywords will be shown in the search result.

Now think you are not a buyer, you are a seller. Selling goods or providing info on the internet. So what you should do or how you will be benefited by SEO? As a seller, your primary goal is to sell your goods or information. So for that, you need to be visible to the buyer, or the people who search for your selling items. SEO can reach you that point. SEO can help you make visible on the first page of google. If you are visible on the first page of google, that means you will get more views. More viewer means more selling, more traffic, more income. 

Parameters of SEO:

From now on you can understand that keyword is the main thing in SEO. Actually, it is. Without proper keywords you cannot rank higher your website. So, now the question is how you will find the proper keyword research? You can see details in keyword research section. 

Not only the keywords, there are more important things in SEO you have to take care of. SEO is divided mainly into two section. On-page and Off-page SEO. Keyword Research, Title, Meta Tag, Content Optimization, Multi Device Friendly Sites are in the On-page section. And the whole Link Building steps and strategies are in the Off-page section.

Monday, August 14, 2017

How to pay PSPCL Bill Payment | Punjab Electricity Bill Pay Online


PSPCL Bill Payment Online without Registration:

Are you the customer of Punjab state power corporation limited (PSPCL)? Are you looking to make PSPCL bill payment through online? If yes, you are at the right place to learn PSPCL online bill payment in 5 minutes.  In this post, I am going to explain the steps you need to follow to make the PSPCL bill payment online.

About PSPCL:

Initially, Punjab state electricity board is called as PSEB in later the name was changed to Punjab state power corporation limited ( PSPCL ). PSPCL is the electricity generating and distributing company in Punjab State. It’s owned by Punjab State Government. It is headquarters located in Patiala. 

PSPCL is providing the electricity distribution over Punjab by 5 divisions like south zone, north zone, west zone, central zone, border zone.


How to Pay PSPCL Bill Payment Online :

Most of the electricity boards in India is providing to pay online electricity bill payment. PSPCL is not behind in that. You don’t want to go to electricity office to pay your Punjab electricity bill. You can make pspcl online payment easily by following the below steps

1. Go to the official PSPCL bill payment portal:

2. Now Enter your Account Number. Click submit button.

PSPCL Bill Payment Online

3. You can view PSPCL bill basic details. If you want to view complete PSPCL bill click the 'View Complete Bill' button.

PSPCL View Bill Details

4. After that, Click the 'Pay Bill' button. It will show your email id and mobile number that was you already provided to PSPCL. If it is wrong, enter the correct email id and mobile number. It will use if the transaction is incomplete.

PSPCL Bill Payment Gateway

5. Choose any one of the bill payment gateways from Billdesk and PayU Money as per your convenience.

PSPCL Bill Payment - BillDesk Gateway:

PSPCL Online bill payment BillDesk

PSPCL Bill Payment - PayU Money Gateway:

PSPCL Online bill payment PayUMoney

6. Complete the PSPCL bill payment, you will get the 'payment successfully' message.

PSPCL bill Online Payment Receipt

7. You will receive message to your mobile number and you will get the PSPCL bill payment receipt to your registered E-mail ID. You can take the printout for future use.

If you have any doubt regarding PSPCL online bill payment, you can leave the queries through the comment section in below. You can also share your suggestion to us and our users.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

GST Return Filing - How to file GST Return Online in India


Everybody listed with GST act has to every so often give the detail of sales, purchases and tax paid and collected thereon via giving the return with GST authority. Before giving any return fee of tax unpaid is pre-regarded necessary otherwise such return will be invalid. In this post, we have discussed about how to file GST return online in India.

In the GST system, businesses will charge GST on their sales and give the same with the tax authority each month. Afterwards, a review or monthly summary of all sales deals will have to be provided online to the tax subdivision. This method is called as return filing and the form in which the return is to be filed is known as GST return.

GST return filing is an obligatory conformity even if there are no sales and buying done by a business all through the return phase. These tax payers will have to provide a nil return. Failing to file returns in time may bring in fine, and in case of non-fulfillment, a note from the tax authorities.

Though, due to bewilderment on the GST implementation and non-readiness of small businesses, the government has tranquiled the timelines for filing returns for the initial two months, next to the GST roll-out. Consequently, no business or organization will have to pay late fee for filing belatedly returns till September 2017.

The stage for filing GST returns and return types differ among diverse classifications of tax payers. Each listed tax payer is needed to file 3 monthly returns and one yearly return.  These involve: 

GSTR-1 (Monthly Return):

GSTR-1 gives all the information of the outer supplies or sales completed by the tax payer. The return must be filed in 10 days from the ending of the tax phase, that is, the month of transaction.

This is a significant form, and offers the base for all prospective flow and counterpart of input and output credit resolutions. 

GSTR-2 (Monthly Return):

GSTR-2 offers a précis of all the buying transactions completed by the tax payer.

The tax detail on buying transactions is involuntarily filled in the GSTR-2 of the tax payer as the similar detail is offered by the vendors or suppliers to the tax payer in their own GSTR-1 forms. 

GSTR-3 ( Monthly Return):

GSTR-3 is an involuntarily produced return form that involves details on sales and purchases as provided in GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 by the tax payer. The gateway auto-analyzes the tax accountability after thinking about the input tax acclaimation from GSTR-2.

GSTR-9 (Annual Return):

GSTR-9 is a complete return form that gives detail on all the income and expenses of the tax payer and reforms them in agreement with the monthly returns. It offers tax payers with a chance to change for diminutive report of sales, if any.

GSTR-4 (Quarterly Return):

Small businesses, involving startups and small and medium businesses that do not have the necessary resources and proficiency to fulfill the new tax rule have a stipulation to choose the masterpiece plan in GST.

These tax payers are known as compounding tax payers and are needed to file recapitulated returns only on the basis of quarterly period via GSTR-4, in place of filing 3 monthly returns.


Non-occupant foreign businessmen or suppliers who make supplies in India for a short period without having any formal business establishment in the country are required to file returns under GSTR-5 for the period of registration.


Every input service distributor is required to file returns under GSTR-6, and the due date for furnishing details is the thirteenth day of the month subsequently the tax period.


Authorities taking away tax at source are needed to file returns employing the GSTR-7 form in ten days from the ending of the tax phase.


E-commerce workers are needed to give information of supplies, and the sum of tax gathered at basis in the GSTR-8 form. GSTR-8 must be filed in ten days from the ending of tax phase.


Each taxable individual whose listing has been capitulated or abandoned must file their concluding returns in the GSTR-10 form. The ultimate returns required being provided within 3 months of the date of annulment or date of annulment order, whichever is afterward.


Information of purchases done by an individual having a UIN and asserting repayment is to be provided in GSTR-11. A UIN is a unique classification completed for distant diplomatic assignments and embassies that are not accountable to taxes in the Indian region.

All returns have to be filed automatically, via a general portal to be offered by the Goods and Services Tax Network. GSTN is a not-for-profit, private limited company, marketed by the government with the particular authority to give information technology aid and the digital services needed for integrating the GST.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

GST Accounting Software & Enrollment in India - GST e-Filing & Billing


Generally, all businesses involving small, medium and big enterprises need accounting software for GST that will be accountable for managing records of Tax by electronic means that you accomplish. Getting occupied with GST software will enlarge your paying information. The tender procedure of undergoing different forms, filing it, scrutinizing it repeatedly, putting forward them will be removed, once GST is applied.

GST Accounting Software Enrolment Procedure India

Here are a few features that make GST Accounting Software to be noticeable from the mass are:-

Decrease in the Time, Price and Manpower

Time management, price and decreased manpower are something that can enhances the business by leaps and bounds. GST software for accounting is the best substitute that will abandon the ongoing tax formation, but will help in decreasing the manpower also.

Increases the Work Quality

Using accounting software will also direct to the enhanced output and quicker execution of work and that also in very less time. This provides an effective business process and offers you details of your business that you can simply access.

Deal With the Data Effectively

Making bills and invoices acquiescent with GST, Creation of GST Returns, Creating GST Payments, Taking out General Audit Files acquiescent with GST, Reconciling GST Supplies, Inventory Management, GST Accounting and Project Management.

Now, let us have a look at a different, but equally important side of GST, which is GST Enrolment.

Whilst GST is still making its path to Indian Financial System, a different matter of concern is the enrolment for the same. GST common portal is made accessible, that will be employed by the present taxpayers for the enrolment in GST to authenticate the preceding information, similarly filling some extra areas in the enrolment application itself. The relocation to GST has by now been initiated and, momentarily it has been stopped by CBEC; still a big segment of the society is left in the wake of same.

But, have you considered benefits of listing under GST? If not, then read the below mentioned points that will make you list in GST as soon as feasible.

Points to consider:

• No paper dependent enrolment

• Functioning on GST Common Portal makes it simple to work

• No cost or charges are imposed for registration

• Legal acknowledgment by government

• Normal for all taxpayers listed under State, Centre, or Union Territory Tax Regulations

• Ordinary registration, Challan and return for Central and State GST.

• Comprehensive and proper management and accounting of the Taxes remunerated for the goods and services.

• Liquor businesses listed under VAT are not needed to move around.

The Enrolment Procedure:

Sign in to the Portal: Sign in to ACES portal through the current ACES User id and Password

Get the Temporary ID and Password: Either go through the link to get the temporary ID and Password or navigate through the Menu

Complete the Next Segment: Keep the temporary ID and password that is offered. In case a temporary ID is not offered, please go to the Next Step segment.

Post Acquiring ID and Password: Log in to the GST Common Portal with your User id and Password pursued by filling up the FORM-20 that has made accessible.

Before listing, get all set with the data and documents!

With the below given documents, you will be all fixed to get listed in the GST Common Portal.

Details needed:

• Applicable Mobile Number

• Bank Account Number

• Bank IFSC code

• Password obtained from the State or Central Authorities

• Temporary ID obtained from State or Central Authorities

• Applicable e-mail id

Documents needed:

• Testimony of establishment of business: Testimony like Incorporation certificate, Partnership action, Memorandum of Association (MOA) or Articles of Association (AOA)

• Testimony of Appointment of Official Signatory in PDF and JPEG format in limited size of 1 MB

• Photo of official Signatory in JPEG format in limited size of 100 KB

• Bank Passbook or Statement having Bank Account Number, Branch address, Account Holder’s address and few transaction information in PDF and JPEG Format in limited size of 1 MB or cancelled cheque

• Address testimony in case of partnership company or List of directors with their identity and address testimony in situation of company

Much has been found out about GST rule by our government and unquestionably, GST will definitely increase Indian economy, in turn growing the buoyancy of tax returns in very less time. The proclivity of our businesses towards GST is a sign that it will append one more feather in our hat. Indian Government is trying hard to make it successful and a provide respite to a large segment of society. So, put on your thoughts and get your hands on GST with inclusive information along with before registering on common GST portal.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Learn to Link Aadhar Card to PAN Card Online: Simple Steps


Process to link PAN with Aadhar card

PAN card is employed for all the financial transactions and Aadhar card is also employed at various places such as banks, for getting passport, etc. In the current situation, the government has made it obligatory to use Aadhaar card when filing Income Tax and afterwards the government of India issued a notice saying that the people are required to link the Adhar card with the PAN Card.

Aadhar Link with PAN Card Online

In a press release, the government has given a limit for the same and the government notified the people that PAN card would be not valid if it is not linked with the Aadhaar Card. Therefore, if you have not linked the Aadhaar card and PAN card, you may get through this post to find the process of linking these two cards.

 Reasons for linking PAN card with Aadhar card

Both the cards are furnished as unique identification card, but the function of both the card is dissimilar so let us know the reason in the wake of linking Aadhaar card with the PAN card.

  • The first cause to do so is to stop tax avoidance. This would confirm to be a more successful method to track down the tax avoidance as it would be simple to keep a record of the people and their financial matters.
  • There are various people who have different PAN Cards and they are able to avoid Income Tax with these different PAN cards. After this scheme, it would be not possible to have multiple PAN cards by an individual.
  • The process will also make it simple to file the income tax as the information can be obtained with help of PAN card as well as the Aadhar card.

Steps to Link PAN Card with Aadhaar Card

Linking Aadhaar card to the PAN card, go through the steps described below.

The primary step is to open the e-filing portal of the Income tax department. You can open the portal by clicking Once the portal is shown, click on Register Yourself button on the left hand side of the portal.

Now, the page for the registration will be shown. Choose your class as Individual and click on n the next page, feed your PAN Number, DOB, First and the last name. After feeding all the details, click on the continue button.

At the next page, more these details will be enquired for and after feeding all the details, click on the submit button. You are now listed to use the income tax e-Filing Portal.

In the subsequent step, go back to home page and sign in to the portal with the listing details that you employed in the second as well as the third step.

After signing in, click on Profile Settings from the top routing or navigation bar and then from the drop-down menu, click on Link Aadhar button. This will pass on you to a latest page to connect the Aadhaar card to the PAN number.

At this latest page, enter your Aadhar number, DOB, Gender and then feed the captcha code before clicking to Link Aadhaar Button. At clicking the button, the Aadhar card will be connected to your PAN Card and a conclusion message will be shown. Apart from connecting both of these documents, to know your PAN is also mandatory.

Exclusions given to the linking

The Income-tax department has presently released a notice offering list of taxpayers who will not be needed to connect PAN and Aadhaar number. The classifications of individuals included in this notification are as given below:

  • An occupant of Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, or Meghalaya; or 
  • A non-occupant as per IT Act; or
  • An individual of age eighty years or more at any time all over the preceding financial year; or
  • An individual who is not a resident of India.

If the taxpayer does not come under the listing of excepted individuals, he or she should verify details according to PAN card and Aadhaar card. If the information is matching or there small disparity in name, connect their PAN and Aadhar number by employing the link offered by the Income-tax department as soon as possible.

In case, the information is incorrect in either PAN card or Aadhar card, the taxpayer should right away start the rectification. The Income-tax department has given a link on its website for the changes. This will take you to a link to modify details in PAN or Aadhaar database. The taxpayer can feed appropriate information and put forward the proof for same online and make sure changes at first. In case of changes in Aadhaar information, the taxpayer should save the alteration enrolment number and cite it in his income-tax return that is outstanding for filing on 31 July, 2017.

Hyderabad Traffic E-challan Status | Telangana E-challan Dues


What is E-challan?

E-Challan is a traffic challan which is in the Electronic mode and provided by the traffic police. This specific format is used for depositing or remitting the contribution or statutory payment at a treasury. The E-challan can be distributed with respect to the traffic issues which are occurred by the road users and monitored on camera. Traffic E-challan is assisted by photographic evidence what the owner of the vehicle wants to have.

hyderabad e-challan status

How to generate evidence for E-challan?

Snaps of E-challan system are revealed using a digital camera, speed laser gun and automated red light violation camera. In the department of traffic and law and order management, from the control room, using the surveillance camera we can have photographic evidence for the specific vehicle. Auto E-challan and image capturing system for over speed detection is available on some advanced vehicles. In Hyderabad, traffic challan is ruling a better place to avoid the traffic violations which are introduced by the vehicle user.

Categories of Traffic Challan

There are two kinds of traffic challan is provided by the traffic police. Those are named as, E- challan and spot challan. Spot challan is a unique method to accomplish the challans or traffic penalty to the vehicle. Any vehicle can be caught for the spot challan and the respected compensation is collected at that same time from the owner of the vehicle. The complete details about the E-challan will be sending to the address against to the vehicle which is available in RTA (regional trade agreement) database. We can make the payment as due.

Issuing penalty

For a traffic offense, imposing an E-challan status is an important thing to reveal. E-challan fine rates and the spot challan fine rates are slightly same what the user has to pay. From the department of traffic law with respect to the issue of traffic, the users are committed to get the challan and pay the fine. The penalty range is varying as Hyderabad traffic challan and the Cyberabad traffic challan. The offense on traffic from some specific aspects will lead to the E-challan Hyderabad.

Traffic Challan status Enquiry

Once, the vehicle owner, who is caught by the traffic issue, has to obey the terms and conditions which are defined by the Government. The traffic police will inquire about the location of the driving area, achieved offense against with the traffic rule and corresponding penalty for an issue etc.  The traffic challan is issued by the traffic police who are responsible for a particular area. If it is anything wrong, they will provide the traffic challan and the E-challan dues are collected by the same police who was issued that.

E-challan verification with mobile app

Currently, in Hyderabad, E-challan is dominating and establishing a better performance towards the traffic violations. There is an availability of an Android app by which we can check out the committed issue. By the use of link which is available on the Android app, we can find the availability of E-challan in the state of Telangana. We can download this application from the Google’s play store where the number of apps is available.

Lawful actions on pending E-challans

If the E-challan is having long term pending, the Government will take a legal action against that. The E-challan Hyderabad is similar with the E-challan Telangana and both of these are issued due to traffic violations. Pending on traffic challan Telangana will perform in the court action and due to the following reason, the user may unable to pay the due. Those are,

  1. Due to the residential shifting, the user may have a different address at RTO.
  2. The user may sell the vehicle.

These kinds of users are indicted and made to pay the more in the court as a legal decision. 

TANGEDCO Mobile App Official - Install to Pay TNEB Bill Payment


TANGEDCO Mobile APP Installation Guide

Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) has been launched a Mobile Application for TNEB Consumers. The Mobile App name is called "TANGEDCO Mobile APP - Official." It makes your TNEB or Tamilnadu electricity bill payment easier.  30% are using online bill payment mode, and more than 2.7 crore LT (Low-tension) consumers will get the benefits by TANGEDCO Mobile App said by TANGEDCO Officials. Using this, you can do the followings,

1. Pay your TNEB Bill

2. Check your TNEB Bill Status

3. Electricity Bill History

4. Monthly Electricity Consumption

5. Electricity Bill Calculation, etc.

You don't want to go to Electricity Bill payment counters & don't want to waste your valuable time. Pay EB bills at any time, from anywhere.

I have used this Mobile app on my Android phone; I was done my EB bill payment within 2 minutes. Here, I will explain to you how to install the TANGEDCO Mobile App in your Smart Phone & It features.

Steps to Install TANGEDCO Mobile App from Google Play Store:

1. Search Mobile App from Google Play Store: Go to Google Play Store and enter the text "TANGEDCOMobileApp" without any space in between. TANGEDCO Mobile App Official will be listed in search criteria. 

2. Install: Click Install button. The mobile app will install automatically in your Smart or Android Mobile Phone.

3. Open App: Go to your mobile "Menu" you can find the TANGEDCO Mobile App icon. Click the icon to open.

4. Allowing the Mobile App: The App will request you to Allow TANGEDCO to make and manage the phone calls.

In next, it will request you to Allow TANGEDCO to access your photos, media, and files on your mobile device. Give the options to Allow.

5. Existing Users: If you are a user/member of TNEB official website, you can use your same TNEB login details to access the Mobile app.

6. New Users/New Registration: If you are a new user to TNEB online bill payment, Click Signup button to create an account.

7. Enter your ‘Consume Number’ and click ‘Check’ button and confirm your consumer details.

8. Setting up your login details with your Mobile number and email. 

9. Verify your Mobile number by OTP (One-Time Password).

10. Login: Now the registration is completed, you can login your account by entering Username and Password.

11. Setting PIN: Set the 4-digit Mobile App lock PIN to protect your mobile app.

12. Update Profile: Now, Check and update your User Profile details. 

Now you can see TANGEDCO Mobile App dashboard.  It will show you the various options.

  • TANGEDCO Mobile App Features:
  • Quick Pay
  • My Bills
  • My Consumer Numbers
  • Bill Calculator
  • Check Transactions
  • My Feedback

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Need a Best Credit Cards In UAE? | Emirates NBD Credit Card Offers 2020

If you do not have a credit card in UAE, you are missing out on many opportunities. A credit card provides convenience. You have access to money when you need it. It provides freedom and flexibility. It can help you manage your finances and monthly expenses. When you get a card from any of the Dubai banks like the Union National Bank, Emirates NBD, Dubai Islamic Bank, etc. Each bank comes with great and exciting rewards programs. 

credit cards in UAE

How will a credit card in UAE make life easier?

Having a credit card in UAE helps you to manage your life better. The UAE banks offer a huge range of credit cards so it’s imperative to do some sort of comparison thoroughly before you commit to any of them. Some credits cards come with a no interest benefit program. There are many instances where a card will make things simpler and will enable you to make the most of what you have. A credit card helps with:

  • International travel. When traveling overseas a credit card makes things simple.  You don’t require foreign currency to buy things, and your purchases are secure. It is also easy to make airline and hotel bookings.
  • Online purchases. With a credit card, you can take advantage of online shopping. This presents you with many exclusive deals. You can enjoy the convenience of shopping at any time, from the comfort of your home.
  • Big purchases. You may wish to redecorate your home. A new washing machine could be needed, or some furniture.  With a credit card, you don’t have to wait until you have saved enough. You can enjoy your purchase immediately and pay for it in manageable installments.

  • Emergencies. If an unexpected expense arises, a credit card can assist. You may need to repair a vehicle, or fix something in your home. A credit card gives you access to the finance you need when you need it.

These are just some of the ways that a credit card will make your life easier.

Choose the Best Credit Card Provider?

UAE credit card is a highly beneficial cash card offering wide variety of schemes as well as splendid rewards.  The major players in UAE's credit card market offer a wide range of credit cards with great benefits and protection programs, giving you great perks and rewards.

The UAE credit card market is quickly increasing and when these credit cards are used and managed properly, they offer noteworthy advantages to users. There are other benefits to enjoy, like up to 20% discount at various dining outlets, therefore you need to make sure that you are with the best credit card provider that puts your needs first. UAE credit card usage exceeds other countries and this is for a great reason.

With more than 200 credit cards to choose from, UAE borrowers are spoilt for choice. Yet choice can also be confusing exclusively given the different introductory offers and other benefits from different banks.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Speed Post Tracking India using Consignment Number in


Speed Post Tracking in India for Registered Post:

In our daily, we are using the postal service to send an articles or couriers to our friends or relations and it may be an official letters or postcards or registered parcel. Whatever, our main aim the post should be delivered to the correct person at an appropriate time. An Indian government postal providing an excellent speed post service at an affordable price.

Indian Speed Post service has to provide the facility of an Online speed post tracking and trace system to the customers, to check the speed post status of delivery and location of the post. It gives a reliability, speed and customer friendly service.

EMS speed post tracking India

Do you want to make track speed post? If yes this post is for you. From this post you can learn how to make India post tracking or registered post tracking ( Track Consignment ) by using the thirteen-digit barcode of speed post tracking number (Consignment Number) through Indian speed post tracker system. It is a web based technology helps the customers on speed post courier tracking from the booking to delivery.

EMS Speed Post in India:

EMS Speed post is a market leader in the domestic express industry in India. It is proving a service to the customers between the two stations with the maximum weighing of 35 KG. Speed post charges for delivery service up to 50 Grams at the cost of 35 rupees across the country and local Speed Post up to 50 Grams at the cost 15 rupees plus service Tax applicable.

Let's start to learn Indian post tracking.

How to track Consignments using Speed Post Tracking System:

1). First, you should go to the Online consignments tracking page of Indian postal official website. (or)

You can also reach the official page by --> Move cursor on 'Mail Services' menu --> In hover you can see the 'Track Your Consignments' link --> Click the link.

speed post tracking using Consignment number

2). The control moves to another page, where you should do the followings.

       A). Enter your 13 digit Consignment Number. The consignments number was given to you at the time of post booking to delivery on Indian speed post.

        B). Enter the 'Captcha' characters correctly as displayed in the image. 

         C). Click the 'Search' button for registered post tracking.

3). Once you have done the above step, the system will check the speed post status whether it has updated or not. If it has been updated you can track speed post status of the delivery and location.

speed post tracking status

Speed Post Tracking Number Format:

If you have any doubts in speed post tracking number, check the formats of the number from the below list.

Category                  Format         No. of                                                            digits

Speed Post                EE23345       13

(EMS) Domestic        6789IN

International EMS   EE22325       13

 Artilces to be             6789XX

delivered in India                     

Electronic Money     000000000    18    

   Order (eMO)           000000000

Registered Mail         RX12345        13


Express Parcel           XX000000      13

         Post                        000XX


  • Insurance upto Rs. 1 lakh for Valuable consignments (Charges applicable)
  • 24 hours Booking facility in some major cities.
  • Online Speed Post Tracking and Trace System
  • Post status updates through free mobile SMS
  • Free Pick-up Facility for the bulk customers.
  • Credit facilities are provided under Book Now Pay Later Scheme for corporate customers and regular users, under specific terms and conditions. 
  • For E-Commerce companies they provide Cash-on-Delivery (COD) facility.
  • In case of any problems related to speed post you can contact Customer Service executive to assist you.

I hope this post surely more helpful for your postal tracking in India. If you have any more queries regarding this post, you can share it with us through the below given commenting system we will solve it.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

UIDAI's Aadhar Card Status on Mobile through SMS | आधार कार्ड स्थिति


How to Track Aadhar Card status on mobile via SMS?

If you dont have an computer or laptop or you don't have an internet connection or you can not able to access online, you can track or check your Aadhar card status details through mobile phone. UIDAI allows you to check your aadhar card status with the help of mobile phone. For this option, you dont want access an internet.

If you want access this facility to check aadhaar card status, you just want send a text message or SMS to UIDAI's number in particuar format. UIDAI will not charge any cost for this facility, but the mobile network operator may charge for their standard SMS charge. The charges may vary depends on the mobile network operator. 

Know your UIDAI Status of Aadhar Card using Mobile

You need to go to your messaging option in your mobile phone and then type


Send it to 51969

Please make sure “UID STATUS” in capital letters only.

For example, Take an Enrolment number like 2017/14521/53231, then the format of sending message will be:

UID STATUS <20171452153231>

Send it to 51969

If you have any queries and suggestions related to this aadhar card status check on mobile via sms, feel free to share with us. We will solve your queries with better solutions. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

E Aadhar Card Status Online | Check UIDAI Status @

Check UIDAI 's E-Aadhar Card Status Online:

An individuals Aadhar Card Status can be determined easily in online from UIDAI's official portal. Also you can get the status through mobile via an SMS or text message. Both are very simple method, you don't want worry for this process. The will guide you to get your e-aadhar card status quickly with very simple steps.

An Aadhar is a 12 digit Unique Identification Number (UIN) issued by Government of India. All residents of India, including children, trans-genders and physically challenged people.

Check Aadhar Card Status Online

Steps to Check Aadhar Card Status Online (E-Aadhar Card):

The following steps will give you the guide to check aadhar card status online,

1. First you should open the UIDAI official website .

2. In the screen you can find the "Aadhaar Online Services" section, where you can find the "Check Aadhaar Status" link. (or)

Press Ctrl+F & find "Check Aadhaar Status" link.

3. Once you find, click  the link to check aadhar status from UIDAI. The page's control will redirected to another page as the image given below.

4. In that page, You should Enter the following details to get the aadhar status.

Aadhar Card Status Online

Enrolment ID: Enter your 14 digit Enrolment ID (EID) in the format of (1234/12345/12345). If you lost or forgot your EID/UID, Learn how to Retrieve your Lost EID/UID

Date & Time: Enter exact Date & Time mentioned in slip which was given at the time of Aadhaar Registration. Enter in the format of (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss).

Security Code: Enter the correct Security code displayed on the screen.

5. Click 'Check Status' button. Now you can view your Aadhar card status.

Get E Aadhar Card Status

6. If it is generated, you can make the Aadhar card download (e aadhar) & take a print or you can get the aadhar card number on mobile. 

7. If your Aadhar is not yet generated, you must wait for few more days and check your aadhaar card status once again.

Major Benefits of Aadhar Card:

  • Aadhar is vaild all over India as a Proof of Address. 
  • Aadhar can help you open a bank account, get a mobile connection and avail LPG.
  • In future, you would be able to access  other Government and Non-Government services.

I hope this post was helped you to check your latest Aadhar Card staus in a minute. If you have any queries or comments you can share it with me at commenting section in below the post.

TNEB Bill Calculator | TANGEDCO Tariff & Reading Details

TNEB Bill Calculator | TANGEDCO Tariff & Reading Details


TNEB Bill Calculator | TANGEDCO Tariff & Reading Details

Do you want to check TNEB Bill details for domestic? Do want to calculate you TNEB bill? If yes, this post is for you. From this post, you can calculate tamil nadu electricity bill amount by yourself with the help of tneb bill calculator as per new TNEB Tariff 2016 scheme. 

TNEB Bill Calculator

Requirements for TNEB Tariff Calculator: 

         1. Previous TNEB Meter reading

         2. Latest TNEB Meter reading

TNEB Consumed Units(KWH) = Latest TNEB Meter reading - Previous TNEB Meter reading 

Now enter the Tneb Consumed Units on the calculator and click Calculate button.
TNEB Tariff Calculator - 2016
(Revised on May 23, 2016)
For Domestic Usage Only
Units Consumed:

Units Tariff Charges From To Cost
Fixed Subsidy
≤ 100 ₹ 0 ₹ 150 1 100 ₹ 1.50
≤ 200 ₹ 20 ₹ 150 1 200 ₹ 1.50
≤ 500 ₹ 30 ₹ 150 1 100 ₹ 1.50
101 200 ₹ 2.00
201 500 ₹ 3.00
> 500 ₹ 50 ₹ 150 1 100 ₹ 1.50
101 200 ₹ 3.50
201 500 ₹ 4.60
> 500 ₹ 6.60