Tuesday, October 3, 2017

How to Use Payoneer for Receiving Payment in India

Information technology has been progressing beyond our imagination. The Internet brings everything at your doorstep, starting for selection to shopping to payments; it's just a click away. In the same manner, online payments are easy. You can buy items online and make payment through the card or other methods suitable. Furthermore, freelancing or home based jobs are easier since you can be paid easily at home.

In case of emergency or normal days, people can transfer funds from mobile in maximum five minutes. Nowadays, many companies are using this idea as a business, sending money all over the world and in return charging a certain percent as their share. Pa yonder, western union, and PayPal are few well-known names in this field. In the following article, we will try to answer the entire possible question about Payoneer application

Payoneer Payment Transfer

Primarily, a payoneer is a company providing financial services to its customers. That is the transfer of money anywhere in the world from payee's account to the receiver's account at the company or the debit card. Payoneer’s preference is money transfer around the globe.

Established in 2005, the company is from New York USA. The company was the joint collaboration by CEO, Yuval Tal and other investors with 2 million dollars and now it is expanding across the borders later in 2016 they collaborated with an e-commerce site linio in America. In the same year, payoneer got 180 million dollars through the venture with other companies. In 2016 Payoneer set up a branch in Philippine and Japan, furthermore entering into the Indian market. Now the company is operating in 200 plus countries of the world. The financial service provider company is among top 100 organizations of the world.

In recent times Payoneer is working with online websites are remarkable freelancer websites like Fiverr, freelancer, up work, while further websites such as Shutterstock, Dailymotion, and peopleperhour. From 2010 till now the company won many awards like the 2010 Paybefore Award for the Best Business Funded Program, ranked Number 34 Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte's fast 500 and added.

Now the question arises how do Payoneer works? The simple reply is Payoneer permits users to transfer money all over the world including India. The payment is made and receiver will comprehend in the debit MasterCard assigned to them by the company. Moreover, the payoneer users can practice that debit card at any ATM. Users can develop an account on the website, so can check their balance online.

payoneer prepaid mastercard

Consumers can withdraw cash from Payoneer to Payoneer and from Payoneer to any other company too. In order to transfer money, basic steps that require following are:

  • Visit Payoneer website and enter login Id through laptop or smart phone.
  • Click on pay followed by making payment
  • Fill the payment form on the screen

And finally, fulfill the instructions requested for. Another service Payoneer offers is payoneer to bank account transfer, charging a portion fees i. Return. The minimum amount limit is $200 to $10,000 maximum. Just follow the simple steps requested and you receive the payment in 24 hours.

In the same manner users can acquire their payment through Payoneer. All they ought to do is log into the account, within free days company will send you the debit card. Afterwards, you will acquire confirmation once money is in your account in form of USD or EURO. Users can easily use their card as ATM to withdraw money. In return, company deducts few percentage as commission for their services, like Card maintainable fee, balance inquiry fees, cash withdrawal fees, card decline fees etc.

Finally, once you receive your card, obey the simple instructions requested with your PC. For that it’s helpful to have a quality processor and keyboard to speed up the work.

  • Go to the website.
  • Select the right kind of card you own
  • Select to active card here
  • Follow the simple steps and your card is active to use anywhere you desire.

Lastly, on a concluding note, Payoneer is safe to use website, you can send money anywhere you wish and your amount is safe with them. The lost list of achievements and awards are the guarantee of its most trusted website all over the globe.


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