Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Learn to Link Aadhar Card to PAN Card Online: Simple Steps


Process to link PAN with Aadhar card

PAN card is employed for all the financial transactions and Aadhar card is also employed at various places such as banks, for getting passport, etc. In the current situation, the government has made it obligatory to use Aadhaar card when filing Income Tax and afterwards the government of India issued a notice saying that the people are required to link the Adhar card with the PAN Card.

Aadhar Link with PAN Card Online

In a press release, the government has given a limit for the same and the government notified the people that PAN card would be not valid if it is not linked with the Aadhaar Card. Therefore, if you have not linked the Aadhaar card and PAN card, you may get through this post to find the process of linking these two cards.

 Reasons for linking PAN card with Aadhar card

Both the cards are furnished as unique identification card, but the function of both the card is dissimilar so let us know the reason in the wake of linking Aadhaar card with the PAN card.

  • The first cause to do so is to stop tax avoidance. This would confirm to be a more successful method to track down the tax avoidance as it would be simple to keep a record of the people and their financial matters.
  • There are various people who have different PAN Cards and they are able to avoid Income Tax with these different PAN cards. After this scheme, it would be not possible to have multiple PAN cards by an individual.
  • The process will also make it simple to file the income tax as the information can be obtained with help of PAN card as well as the Aadhar card.

Steps to Link PAN Card with Aadhaar Card

Linking Aadhaar card to the PAN card, go through the steps described below.

The primary step is to open the e-filing portal of the Income tax department. You can open the portal by clicking https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/. Once the portal is shown, click on Register Yourself button on the left hand side of the portal.

Now, the page for the registration will be shown. Choose your class as Individual and click on n the next page, feed your PAN Number, DOB, First and the last name. After feeding all the details, click on the continue button.

At the next page, more these details will be enquired for and after feeding all the details, click on the submit button. You are now listed to use the income tax e-Filing Portal.

In the subsequent step, go back to home page and sign in to the portal with the listing details that you employed in the second as well as the third step.

After signing in, click on Profile Settings from the top routing or navigation bar and then from the drop-down menu, click on Link Aadhar button. This will pass on you to a latest page to connect the Aadhaar card to the PAN number.

At this latest page, enter your Aadhar number, DOB, Gender and then feed the captcha code before clicking to Link Aadhaar Button. At clicking the button, the Aadhar card will be connected to your PAN Card and a conclusion message will be shown. Apart from connecting both of these documents, to know your PAN is also mandatory.

Exclusions given to the linking

The Income-tax department has presently released a notice offering list of taxpayers who will not be needed to connect PAN and Aadhaar number. The classifications of individuals included in this notification are as given below:

  • An occupant of Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, or Meghalaya; or 
  • A non-occupant as per IT Act; or
  • An individual of age eighty years or more at any time all over the preceding financial year; or
  • An individual who is not a resident of India.

If the taxpayer does not come under the listing of excepted individuals, he or she should verify details according to PAN card and Aadhaar card. If the information is matching or there small disparity in name, connect their PAN and Aadhar number by employing the link offered by the Income-tax department as soon as possible.

In case, the information is incorrect in either PAN card or Aadhar card, the taxpayer should right away start the rectification. The Income-tax department has given a link on its website www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in for the changes. This will take you to a link to modify details in PAN or Aadhaar database. The taxpayer can feed appropriate information and put forward the proof for same online and make sure changes at first. In case of changes in Aadhaar information, the taxpayer should save the alteration enrolment number and cite it in his income-tax return that is outstanding for filing on 31 July, 2017.


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