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Freecharge ACT Fibernet Bill Payment Offers - 5% Instant Cashback


ACT Fibernet Bill Payment Freecharge Offers - New & Old Users:

Are you an ACT Fibernet user? If yes, this post is for you. Here I have shared Freecharge offers on ACT Fibernet bill payment for both new and user of Freecharge. From this guide, you can get the instant cashback to your Freecharge account & save your money.

Freecharge ACT Broadband bill payment offers - Get 5% Cashback

Make your online ACT Fibernet bill payment with Freecharge to get the 5% cashback on your ACT Broadband bill amount. To get this ACT Fibernet bill payment offers just follow the below steps.

Freecharge ACT Broadband Bill Payment Offers
Freecharge ACT Fibernet Bill Payment Offers

1. Open the Freecharge portal and log in your account.

2. Click 'Broadband' tab on the left side of the page and select ACT Fibernet option in the drop-down menu.

3. Now Enter the ACT Fibernet bill usage bill amount &  followed by entering the Coupon code for ACT Broadband bill payment - ACTFC

4. Complete your payment by choosing your preferred payment option like Credit Card / Debit Card, Net Banking, or Freecharge Wallet.

5. After successful bill payment, the cashback amount will be credited in minute (Maximum time:24 hours) to your Freecharge Wallet.

ACT Beam Bill Payment Freecharge Offers - Terms & Conditions:

  1. Valid on First ACT Bill payment through Freecharge.
  2. No minimum bill amount.
  3. Max cashback amount of Rs 50.
  4. Valid only once per User/CC/DC/FC Account.

How to get Freecharge ACT Fibernet bill payment offers - Get Rs.100 Off

Now Freecharge is offering Rs.100 cashback on your first time ACT Fibernet bill payment online. This ACT bill payment offer is available only on Freecharge mobile app. To get this offer just follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Download the Freecharge App from the Google Play Store.

2. Create an account with Freecharge by the click of Register button.

3. After the mobile number verification, click the ACT Fibernet login & open your account.

4. Select 'Broadband' tab on the left sidebar, and choose ACT Fibernet from the list.

Freecharge ACT Fibernet Bill Payment
Freecharge ACT Bill Payment Offers

5. Now enter ACT Beam usage bill amount and ACT Fibernet bill payment coupon code – RP77D69

6. Pay through your preferred payment method from Credit Card / Debit Card, Net Banking, or Wallet.

7. You will receive the cashback amount in a Minute (Maximum time 24 hours). Enjoy!!!

Note: If you already used a first-time bill payment offer try with some other mobile number and mail id. 

If you have any queries and suggestion or updates just feel free to share with us through the comment section given below.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Quick Pay BESCOM Online Bill Payment - Login


Bangalore Electricity BESCOM Bill Payment Online:

Making BESCOM bill payment is easier because of online. Most of the cities in India having the electricity bill online payment option. Banglore is not an exceptional in that case. By the use of BESCOM online payment method, you can complete the Bangalore electricity bill payment quickly. You don't want to stand in the queue. 

Pay BESCOM Bill Payment Online

BESCOM - Bangalore Electricity Supply Company is one for electricity distribution divisions in Karnataka. It is responsible for power distribution in 8 districts of Karnataka under the name of Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL). Bangalore also comes under its power supply coverage. KPTCL buys electricity from power generating company of Karnataka Power Corporation Limited (KPCL). BESCOM is providing an efficient and reliable electric power supply to the Bangalore people. It has given customers the facility of online electricity bill payment.

BESCOM online payment has more ways to complete the process. Here I have shared some more secure and easiest ways of BESCOM online bill payment methods.

 1. BESCOM Portal through (Without Registration):

You just follow the below steps to pay BESCOM online bill payment through official BESCOM login. You don't want create a login.

1. Open the BESCOM's official bill payment login portal by the click of following link:

Pay BESCOM Bill Online

2. On the screen, you should enter 'Customer ID' or 'Account ID' and click the 'Submit' button.

BESCOM Online Bill Payment

3. The control will be redirected to another page, Where you can see your Bill payment details.

4. Fill the all required details like 'Mobile Number, Email ID and Payment'. After that, click the 'PAY NOW' option.

bangalore electricity bill payment

5. It will take you to the Payment page powered by Bill Desk.

6. You have five payment options of

  • Quick Pay
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Debit Card + ATM PIN
  • Internet Banking

BESCOM electricity bill payment

Choose any one of your convenient payment options and Pay BESCOM Bill payment.

2. BESCOM R-APDRP Portal through

Follow the below procedure to pay BESCOM bill online through

1. Before start the bill payment you should create an account: BESCOM Registration

2. Enter the 'Account ID' & Captcha and Click the 'Continue' button.

3. Fill the require details and complete the registration process.

4. Now login the BESCOM account. Find and click 'Online Payment' link.

5. In account summary, you can find the 'View Bill / Pay Bill' Link. Click the link.

6. Select the Bill to be paid and Check the ‘Terms and Conditions’ tick box. Click on ‘Make Payment’ button.

7. Choose the mode of payment. More preferable payment option ‘Bill Desk’ online banking mode. Click the 'Pay Now'.

8. Now you will be redirected to Bill Desk interface. Enter your mail id for your transaction confirmation.

9. Select any one of your convenient payment options and  Pay BESCOM Bill payment online.

10. After successful payment, you can see the bill payment acknowledgement with 'Transaction ID'& 'Reference number'. Now take the print for reference.

3. BESCOM Bill Payment Online through Bill Desk:

1. Visit the link to pay BESCOM electricity bill payment through Bill Desk Online portal:

2. Create the Bill Desk Account by clicking register link and Login the account.

3. You will pay through any one payment mode of Mobile Banking, Net Banking, Credit Card or Debit Card. Your payment bank should be on the list Bill Desk partner's list.  The banking partners of Bill Desk include State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Union Bank, HDFC, IDBI, ING Vysya, DCB, BOB and many others. Check the complete list in Bill Desk's portal.

Still, If you have any doubt regarding this post, don't hesitate to share with us through comment section given below. If you have any suggestions, You can share all by comments.

Best 7 Online Payment Gateways in India 2017 - Reviews & Comparison


A study conducted by an international firm says that India will be the world’s youngest country by 2020. Here youngest refers to those kids who are going to see a cashless economy in India. Currently, our prime minister has initiated the process of making Indian economy a cashless economy, here cashless means either online or through Fingerprint modes of transaction. 

With this note am going to start my topic, today's topic is top 7 online payment gateways which are working in India. It is an article that every Indian should know of, the reason being in upcoming days we have to make interaction with these interfaces. So if we are aware of them, then it becomes easier to transact, and there will be no any fear factor of our money loss while transacting online.

If you are business owner and you are willing to jump in online market than you must know and implement necessary steps. Payment processor will help to negotiate payments with your online customers but you will surely store few data to comply with certain accounts. You must protect your customers' data from hackers to prevent unwanted business damage. You should Get an SSL Certificate for your website by enabling HTTPS, which will protect data travelling on wire. This protocol effectively prevents man-in-the-middle attack and save important data from the reach of bad people.

list of Payment Gateways in India

Before we see different Payment Gateways, we shall understand what does a payment gateway means. “It is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider which allows credit card or direct payment processing for an online business or online retailer or traditional shops.” 

Let’s get started,

1.    CC AVENUE:

CC Avenue can be recognized as oldest existing payment gateway platform in India. It was established in the year 2001 almost 16 years ago, being one of the oldest players in the competition comes with the handful of features to provide to their customers. So, let’s see what all features are provided by CC Avenue. 

CCAvenue Payment Gateway Ecommerce India

Features of CC Avenue:

•    Setup Fee: Zero for Startup Pro Plan, Rs. 30,000 for Privilege Plan
•    Maximum Payment option
•    Transaction Fee: From 1.99% + Rs.3 to 2.99% + Rs.3
•    Multi-currency Processing
•    Customization
•    Multi-language Checkout Page
•    Fastest Activation and Integration
•    Customer Support
•    Retry Option
•    Card Vault
•    Marketing tools
•    Analytics, and may more.

Almost all Banks are using this payment gateway for their transactions, and a site like Snapdeal uses the same to manage their transactions.  After seeing these much of features, it makes you curious about knowing more about payment gateway and other providers too.

2.    CITRUS PAY: 

Next giant in the Payment gateway is Citrus Pay. It was established in the year 2011, just six years ago but are growing at such speed which had surprised the other player in the business. But their speed made them be acquired by Pay U in the year 2016. Coming to features of citrus pay we can find it same with the Pay U, but still, we shall see their features.

Citrus Payment Gateway Ecommerce India

Features of CITRUS PAY:

•    Free Payment Gateway
•    Annual Maintenance Fee: Rs.1200
•    Transaction Fee: From 1.99%  + Rs.3
•    Billing Solutions
•    Safety
•    Instant Setup
•    Fast Activation and Integration

These are some of the features of Citrus Pay. Favourite Brands like, Reliance, Bookmyshow Uses Citrus Pay as their platform for Online payments.

3.    PayU India (PayUbiz and PayUMoney):

One of the leading Payment solution provider in the industry is PayU company. PayU was established in the year 2015, and in the next year they took over the big competitor called Citrus Pay who were ruling the industry with the customer base of 800 million. They have 2 section In their company one is PayU Biz and PayUmoney which are providing services in different areas. PayUBiz handles big business like, Reliance, Bookmyshow, etc. whereas PayUMoney is providing mobile wallet service to its customers.

PayU Payment Gateway Ecommerce India

Features of PAY U:

•    Setup Fee: For PayUBiz, From Rs. 4900 and go up to Rs. 29000 based on Plan. For PayUMoney, its Zero.
•    Annual Maintenance Fee: For PayUBiz, its Rs. 2400. For PayUMoney, its Zero.
•    Transaction Fee: For PayUBiz, From 2.20%  to 3.90% based on the plan. For PayUMoney, its 2%.
•    Free Payment Gateway
•    Billing Solutions
•    More Secure
•    Instant Setup
•    Fast Activation and Integration
You might feel that Features are same of both companies, in fact, it is evident above they are going to be merging so no need to worry. 

4.    E-Billing Solutions (EBS): 

A France-based company Part of Ingenico Payment Solutions. It was established in the year 2005 in India whose headquarter is located in Mumbai, India. It’s been 12 years since business, and they have achieved PCI DSS 3.0 Compliance in India, and they are the only one to achieve this. It is also certified by security and process adherence followed and audited by ISO 27001- 2013 standard. This achievement makes EBS one of the most secured online service providers in the world.
EBS payment gateway india

Features of EBS:

•    Setup Price: From Rs.4799 to Rs. 23999 based on the plan
•    Annual Maintenance Fee: Rs.2400
•    Transaction Fee: From 1.25%  to 3.75% based on the plan
•    100+ Payment Options
•    Customized Experience 
•    Auto Retry
•    Smart Routing
•    Enables International Payments

There will do the unique things which will keep you in business for an extended period, here they have one, which makes them unique, which I leave you to find out and reply in comments.


India’s on demand payment and e-commerce platform which was started in the year 2012. It was used for collecting payment for digital goods, but nowadays it has been used to collect payment for Service, Reports, EBook’s, and much more. This company is having 2,00,000 plus Sellers 5000+ Stores 5,00,000+ product links.  

Instmojjo Payment Gateway Ecommerce India

Features of INSTAMOJO:

•    Setup Price: Zero
•    Annual Maintenance Fee: Zero
•    Transaction Fee: 1.9%
•    Different Payment Options
•    Super easy setup
•    Simple Integration
•    Simple API’s 
•    No IT skills required
•    Bank level Security

As I left a question to you for the answer above here am giving an example how they are unique, here they are specific in their terms, and they are mentioning it out rightly and are not hiding any information.  

By the time, you come to read this we might expect you to be more interested in knowing the business in depth how it works and what are those factors which are making this industry a living and high growth industry for that you need to wait until our next article comes and will give link to this for reference.


One among the largest payment solution provider in India offering merchant cost effective solutions and accepting various payment modes and having fully secured technology for processing transactions. This company is also a PCI and DSS certified company providing service for a long time. 

DirecPay Payment Gateway Ecommerce India

Features of DIRECPAY:

•    Setup Price: From Zero to Rs.20000 based on the plan
•    Annual Maintenance Fee: Zero
•    Transaction Fee: From 2% to 4% based on the plan
•    Easy Integration process
•    Accepts international Credit Cards
•    Real-time MIS
•    Lowest Dropout Rates
•    Extensive payment options
•    Fastest Checkout
•    Customized UI

Again, I should leave a question to you like which is that one thing which makes them different from others. Am trying to figure out share my burden if possible. There is no company which is using their service which came across me if you know any of them, please specify them in comments.


A thought-out company which was established by alumni of Roorkee IIT. It is a new entrant to the industry. Their aim is to improvise the payment system in India by enabling a frictionless mode of payment by giving a 24*7 online Customer Support.

Razorpay Payment Gateway Ecommerce India

Features of RAZORPAY:

•    Setup Price: Zero
•    Annual Maintenance Fee: Zero
•    Transaction Fee: 2%
•    Fast on Boarding
•    Simple Pricing
•    Simple Integration
•    Multiple Payment modes
•    Card Saving
•    Auto Fill OTP

With all these features, it’s a growing firm which needs helping hands. 

I hope you all came to know about different Payment Gateway Service Providers in India, providing service for 16 years almost to a recently established company which is Pay U and the Oldest being CC Avenue. If you are the company looking for a payment gateway solution, then you have seven options to choose your best. Leave your comments and queries in comment section in given below.

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UPVAT: Download E Sancharan Form 38 for Commercial Tax UP


Get comtax UP VAT - E Sancharan Form 38 Sales Tax:

Form 38 (eSancharan Import Declaration Form) road permit is used to import goods from outside of the state UP in India. It is mainly used for filing UP commercial tax on sales. 

The department of commercial tax UP has announced filing a form 38 has mandatory by the department for traders, who import goods from outside the state UP. For the security purposes, the traders and businessmen who import goods from outside the state should switch to form 38 (of CC/DD series) from the previous of form 31.  Commercial Tax Department UP ( Comtaxup) has been providing the download facility of eSancharan Form 38.

For example, If you have purchased any materials or goods for commercial purpose from Delhi and want to bring it to Haryana you should have the form 38 for UP VAT Tax purpose.

Depending   on   the   load   or   requirement   of   form - 38   by   individual   dealers   a categorization has been done. Under the present scheme of category a dealer is

1. Pioneer Dealers /PSU/more than 1000 crore above turnover dealers: 

Dealers whose turnover is more than 1000 crore above turnover identified by the department are given some extra facility of eSancharan form - 38 downloads.

2. Dealers other than Pioneer Dealers/PSU:

Other than Pioneer Dealers/PSU/less than 1000 crore below turnover dealers.

How to Download E Sancharan Form 38:

A dealer interested in downloading Form - 38 online has to do the following:

1. Go to the website ( and apply for ‘Registration for Form-38 download’ option.

2. Fill the entries and submit the form.

3. Once submit button is pressed a report would be generated with a Form request number. The dealer needs to take a print of the form and submit the same to the local Commercial Tax office for further processing. (Please remember the request number should be visible clearly on the printout taken by the dealer).

4. Once the request is accepted or rejected by the official concerned at the Commercial Tax Department, an email would be sent to the dealer on the registered as well as alternate email-id. The Accepted dealer would receive a password for form-38 downloading.

5.The dealer whose request is rejected by the Commercial Tax authorities can once again request after removing the objectionable points. The dealers whose request has been accepted can straightaway start downloading Form - 38 by logging-in using his TIN No. and Password have given to him through an email(refer 4).

6. Once login button is pressed using appropriate login credentials, a successful login page would appear with along dealer short detail. The dealer needs to press “e-Sancharan Form-38 Form of declaration of Import Download” button for proceeding further.

7. Once the “e-Sancharan  Form-38 Form of Declaration of  Import Download” button is pressed a menu page with the following options would appear.


Form 38 E-Sancharan Token Generation.

Form 38 E-Sancharan Bulk Token Generation.

Form 38 E-Sancharan Bulk Token Generation(Single Invoice Multiple Vehicle).

Form 38 E-Sancharan Download.

Reprint E-Sancharan Form 38.

Edit/Update Branches.

Request for E-Sancharan Commodity.

Advance Tax Entry.

Token Cancellation.

Update/Change Vehicle.


Report for Demanded/Issued Tokens.

Report for Generated Unique Forms.

Report for Utilised Form 38.

Report for Unused Token.

Report for Demanded, Issued, Downloaded, Invalid Form.

Export Detail Report of Demand Number into Excel.

8. Now the dealer can start demanding Form - 38 by clicking on “Form 38 E-Sancharan Token Generation”. The dealer has to enter the Tin no. of Seller, the address of the seller, origin state, origin District and press the submit button. The Demand no. would be generated along with specified Demand Number.

9. Clicking on "eSancharan Form Download” menu option for an issuance of the generated forms would ask for the selection of demand no.  for downloading of forms. The Tokens would be appearing for the selected demand no. on pressing the “Submit” button.

10. Then Select Consignment Type and click on Proceed button (In Case of Full Truck Consignment)

11. After Clicking Proceed button add Commodities  and  other information and click on “Preview of eSancharan Form.”

12. Shows preview eSancharan Form 38. If modification required click on Click here to Back, or click on Click here to Save Finally and Generate eSancharan

12. If Dealer Select Partial Truck Consignment Type and click on Proceed button

13. In case of, Partial Truck Consignment fill Bill of Entry date or Customs Clearance Date, actual  weight, actual amount in vehicle, goods destination District, goods destination place and click on Save button

14. For Adding vehicle and generate E Sancharan Form on Intermediate Numbers click on Update Vehicle on Multiple Intermediate Numbers.

15. Add multiple Intermediate Number numbers, fill other information and click on “Update Vehicle and Generate Forms” button. For Downloading This Generated eSancharan Form go in Reprint option.

16. For Downloading This Generated eSancharan Form go in Reprint option.

17. Fill tin of purchase and generated E Sancharan number and Submit for downloading Form.